Hopper revisited - Gas

CLAYPICS goes Art!

As a diehard Edward Hopper-Fan I proudly declare my latest project finished:

The famous painting GAS rebuilt as diorama and photographed under real light in the outdoors.

Half a year of hard work and a lot of nerves went into this picture.

It depicts the scene as it might look today. As if you would visit that gas station again after 80 years, finding it overgrown, decayed and deserted.

A picture with the mood of solitude and a touch of surrealism. Just the way Hopper would like it.

Soon available as fine art print on Alu Dibond / acrylic glass on 140 x 60 cm.

Price on request. Just fill out the contact form and we get things started!



The finished diorama under plain skies, ready for photoshooting.

Everything from shrub over trees,...

...up to the gas pump is handbuilt.